Complete Professional Guitar Refretting from $175.00!

Dave Keller 01/29/2009

(Dave is a great musician/singer/songwriter.  If you ever get the chance to see him or the Dave Keller Band – do it)

Dear Dennis,

Thank you so much for all the work you put into Gabriella.  As you know, she’s been my #1 electric guitar for the last 20 years.  The last few years, though, I hadn’t really been playing her much.  I’d gotten tired of the muffled-sounding pickups and the worn frets.  Not to mention a lot of little things I wished were different.  But now, with all the work you’ve put into her, I am ecstatic!

First of all, the neck plays like butter — super smooth and fast — and I find myself easily playing licks that were difficult before.  There’s no fret buzz at all, and no glue marks or anything.  Great job on the frets and the new nut!!!

Also, I’m grateful that you recommended trying new pickups.  I’d always been wary of opening up the “pandora’s box” of trying different pickups in a beloved guitar, but you were totally right!  Gabriella “sings” so much sweeter now — crisper highs, better defined lows, and beautiful midrange –  not to mention lots of extra grit.  Perfect for blues and soul.

Finally, thanks for “fixing” all the little things: opening up the backplate hole; beveling the bridge holes; shimming the neck joint; redrilling the neck joint screw holes; changing the pickup wiring so the second tone knob adjusts the bridge pickup; changing the volume pot; and installing the new pickups and pickguard.  All these “little” things you’ve done have really added to my comfort and excitement at playing Gabriella again.

Once again, thanks for all your hard work and attention to detail.  Thanks also for the many extra hours you spent chatting with me about options.  And thank you for keeping the price of the whole project so reasonable.  You are an angel to working musicians like me.  I will definitely be spreading the good word about your great work Dennis!!!!

Take care, and thanks again for everything,

Dave Keller

Montpelier, VT

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