Complete Professional Guitar Refretting from $175.00!

This is from Ken Froelich – Ohio   08/04/09

hey dennis-
I’m very pleased with how my  strat turned out. I don’t know how you work such magic but suffice it to say that my guitar feels like a high end instrument w/a flawless fret job. I can’t say enough about the obvious attention to detail that you lavished on the fretboard– the fret ends are so smooth and dressed perfectly. I work with my hands for a living, so I can tell a job well done. Also, I’m glad I heeded your advice and went with the jumbo frets. They seem to make more positive contact w/the string surface and make precise bending a breeze. In short, I would recommend your fantastic service to anyone who cares about their instrument and who appreciates great customer service–my strat plays like a dream!
Thanks for everything,
Ken Froehlich

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