Complete Professional Guitar Refretting from $175.00!

Alton Lathrop (New Hampshire) 06/12/08

I’ve never had a guitar that plays this well! I could only plug her in for a short while during lunchtime at work. When I opened the case, the neckjoint had shifted a bit so that the high E was almost off the fretboard. This is common with the 70′s 3-bolt neckjoint, I’m told. Couple that with FedEx and its bound to happen. I guess this design is generally frowned upon in the guitar world, but I don’t mind it. My boss has a ’74 Strat and has a business card keeping his neck from doing this. I adjusted it a bit, tuned her up, and and instantly she played amazing! Then the afternoon went by REAL slow.

When I got home I cranked her through the Marshall. Wow! This is now the smoothest, fastest guitar I’ve ever owned. Once I got really warmed up, I could play things I normally stumble on. The notes are so much cleaner, clearer, and sustaining. Which makes me play a lot better. Our bass player (also my roommate, also a guitarist) played her for a while and agrees. I haven’t had a chance to work the tremolo much yet. I was so eager to plug her in that I never took the bar out of the case. She played so well that I just kept playing and got lost in jamming, then realized I’d forgotten to even put it on, when it was dinnertime. And I had to stop.

Now it’s getting late and I’m going to plug her into the Silvertone I scored at the flea market last summer. It’s a little 5-watt mid 60′s tube combo. One of my fave pieces of gear. It’s going to be a late night.

Many Many Many Thanks,

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