Complete Professional Guitar Refretting from $175.00!

I recently sent Dennis a Les Paul for a refret. I had called and discussed it with him and we both thought a refret would be the way to go. Dennis called me back after receiving the guitar, and said after looking it over he thought he could just level and dress the frets and not do the refret, since it still had plenty of fret left.

I told him to try it and see how it worked out. He said if I didn’t like it he would pay shipping back to him to do the refret.

About a week later he called and said it worked great and he thought I would be happy.

He was right about that, it plays like a dream, smooth as silk, and I couldn’t be happier. He even sent a refund check along with the guitar. I’ve never had anyone refund money on a repair job.

If your like me and have second thoughts about sending your guitars off to someone you don’t know for repairs, then quit worrying, you’ve found the right guy.

Dennis is a super nice, guy and his honesty and integrity is second to none.
His work is as professional as it gets.

I’m sending a Strat to him in a month or so when he has an opening for a fret level and dress, and can’t wait to see how good it plays after he works his magic on it.

I only wish he wasn’t 1500 miles away.

Phill in Oklahoma

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