Complete Professional Guitar Refretting from $175.00!

I got the guitar off the fedex truck a little while ago and after opening it up and looking it over I  was VERY impressed! You did an AMAZING job! My Strat plays and even sounds better than it ever has in the past 10 years I have owned it! Within 10 minutes of playing it I had the volume wide open and was feeling like Jimi Hendrix lol! I just wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU for the meticulous job you have done!

Thank you and Kind Regards,
Ryan Caldwell

p.s. I have all the parts acquired for my kit guitar. If you have a spot open Id like to send it out to you in the near future and have you assemble and set it up for me. I’ll email later with details so you can give me a price if you’d like to take on the job. Thank you again!

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