Complete Professional Guitar Refretting from $175.00!


Set-up – Includes installing new set of strings, cleaning fretboard and frets, tightening all hardware, string height and  intonation, clean electronics. $25.00

Basic Level, Crown and Polish – This includes, leveling, re-crowning and polish of the frets, installing new strings, minor nut work, string height adjustment and intonation. $75.00

Refretting – Complete refretting includes inspection, removal of old frets, cleaning and leveling of fingerboard, cleaning fret slots (re-cutting them if necessary), installation of new frets, leveling, crowning and final polishing, minor nut work, intonation, string height adjustment, tighten all hardware, clean and polish entire guitar.

Level 1 Refret – This is for “Fender” style guitars with rosewood fingerboards. $175.00

Level 2 Refret – This is for guitars with one or all of the following – maple fingerboards, set-necks, or bound fingerboards. There is an extra charge for the Level 2 refret depending on what options you want. Starting at $275.00

Other Services -  wiring, minor scratch and dent removal, hardware installation, pickup mods, etc…

All work is done on premise.  Quick turnaround time and fully guaranteed!

Here’s the way it works:  You send me the complete guitar, with a new set of strings and a new nut of your choice (I can provide these if you can’t get them -  at an additional charge).  You pay shipping and Insurance both ways – approximately $30.00 each way.  I perform the work – keeping you informed every step of the way, and when it’s ready, I contact you and give you the shipping tracking number.  Payment is through PayPal or by  US Postal Money Order (payment details will be arranged on an individual basis).  Pictures of the work being performed on YOUR guitar are available as an option.

Extra charge for vintage guitars, guitars with trems, active electronics and non-factory add-ons.