Complete Professional Guitar Refretting from $175.00!

Charles Austin – 3/9/14

I had my rosewood Tele neck refretted with SS frets by Dennis. I could not be happier. The work was very clean, no damage to the wood from the removal of the old frets. No dings or dents on the neck from rough handling. My tolerances are extremely high. My standard for an acceptable playing neck is a Carvin guitar, which is basically perfection. The work done by Dennis met my requirements. I will absolutely do business with Dennis again.

Charles Austin – Producer, Composer, Teacher


Jon Persinger – 03/14/13

Jon DROVE his PRS McCarty up to Vermont from MA because that’s how much he cares for it.

Hey, Dennis.  Guitar arrived this afternoon with no problems.  Wow!  It plays like a different guitar–the frets feel great, no dead spots, the intonation problems are gone.  Simply wonderful!  And, the new nut and tailpiece look great to my eye.

Nice work!  I would have you do other guitars if we were closer.  (Do you work on acoustics?)

I’m so glad I chose you to do the work.  THANK YOU!


Phill in Oklahoma – 03/30/12

I recently sent Dennis a Les Paul for a refret. I had called and discussed it with him and we both thought a refret would be the way to go. Dennis called me back after receiving the guitar, and said after looking it over he thought he could just level and dress the frets and not do the refret, since it still had plenty of fret left.

I told him to try it and see how it worked out. He said if I didn’t like it he would pay shipping back to him to do the refret.

About a week later he called and said it worked great and he thought I would be happy.

He was right about that, it plays like a dream, smooth as silk, and I couldn’t be happier. He even sent a refund check along with the guitar. I’ve never had anyone refund money on a repair job.

If your like me and have second thoughts about sending your guitars off to someone you don’t know for repairs, then quit worrying, you’ve found the right guy.

Dennis is a super nice, guy and his honesty and integrity is second to none.
His work is as professional as it gets.

I’m sending a Strat to him in a month or so when he has an opening for a fret level and dress, and can’t wait to see how good it plays after he works his magic on it.

I only wish he wasn’t 1500 miles away.

Phill in Oklahoma


Brian is a local guy who plays in a great Country-Rock band Called Thunder Road Band – Check out their website.

Hi Dennis,
Awesome job ferreting my Deluxe Tele.  I’m not sure its ever played or sounded so good,  I do like the jumbo frets, and your workmanship is top notch.
Thanks again

Brian Notte

Thunder Road Band

David Diamond is a monster player for the Grippo Funk Band


Hi Dennis.  I’m really happy with the refret job you did on my Strat.  These jumbo frets are great – I’m gonna need these in all my guitars.  Great job!

Dave Diamond
Grippo Funk Band

This is from Ken Froelich – Ohio   08/04/09

hey dennis-
I’m very pleased with how my  strat turned out. I don’t know how you work such magic but suffice it to say that my guitar feels like a high end instrument w/a flawless fret job. I can’t say enough about the obvious attention to detail that you lavished on the fretboard– the fret ends are so smooth and dressed perfectly. I work with my hands for a living, so I can tell a job well done. Also, I’m glad I heeded your advice and went with the jumbo frets. They seem to make more positive contact w/the string surface and make precise bending a breeze. In short, I would recommend your fantastic service to anyone who cares about their instrument and who appreciates great customer service–my strat plays like a dream!
Thanks for everything,
Ken Froehlich

Dennis Willmott is the “real thing” playing the blues!


I’ve just had the pleasure of playing my newly refretted and set up 1954 reissue Fender Stratocaster on three gigs in ths past month of May/June 2009. The masterful reworking of this instrument performed by Dennis Bonanza of Bluefrets was more than worth the money spent. It’s actually changing the way I’m playing this Strat! The payoff has been more sustain, better tone, and it’s now much easier to get a vibrato anywhere over the entire length of the fingerboard. I now have a very good instrument transformed into a great instrument. This is clearly a case of a player/luthier being aware of my specific need regarding an instrument, and knowing how to make lasting improvements. Thank you Dennis Bonanza, I’ve enjoyed working with you.
Dennis Willmott

Left Eye Jump Blues Band -Vermont

March 31,2009

wow dennis! I wanted to live with the guitar for a while before I told you how I felt about the fret job. Its been over two months and I’m blown away. I loved my les paul before but now I just cant put it down. I have 2 wolfgangs an explorer, a evh art series ,a prs hollow and the playability of the les paul is astonishing! Those frets are perfect. Yes I checked them w/ a straight edge and for anyone looking for a fret job ,It just doesn’t get any better period! The bone nut was cut perfectly and as you said my tuning stability has improved  two fold and the tone change w/ the frets and nut combined just gives this already sustain beast another level entirely. Thank dennis you have my fretwork for life.

John Kronenberger Va Beach Va

Dave Keller 01/29/2009

(Dave is a great musician/singer/songwriter.  If you ever get the chance to see him or the Dave Keller Band – do it)

Dear Dennis,

Thank you so much for all the work you put into Gabriella.  As you know, she’s been my #1 electric guitar for the last 20 years.  The last few years, though, I hadn’t really been playing her much.  I’d gotten tired of the muffled-sounding pickups and the worn frets.  Not to mention a lot of little things I wished were different.  But now, with all the work you’ve put into her, I am ecstatic!

First of all, the neck plays like butter — super smooth and fast — and I find myself easily playing licks that were difficult before.  There’s no fret buzz at all, and no glue marks or anything.  Great job on the frets and the new nut!!!

Also, I’m grateful that you recommended trying new pickups.  I’d always been wary of opening up the “pandora’s box” of trying different pickups in a beloved guitar, but you were totally right!  Gabriella “sings” so much sweeter now — crisper highs, better defined lows, and beautiful midrange –  not to mention lots of extra grit.  Perfect for blues and soul.

Finally, thanks for “fixing” all the little things: opening up the backplate hole; beveling the bridge holes; shimming the neck joint; redrilling the neck joint screw holes; changing the pickup wiring so the second tone knob adjusts the bridge pickup; changing the volume pot; and installing the new pickups and pickguard.  All these “little” things you’ve done have really added to my comfort and excitement at playing Gabriella again.

Once again, thanks for all your hard work and attention to detail.  Thanks also for the many extra hours you spent chatting with me about options.  And thank you for keeping the price of the whole project so reasonable.  You are an angel to working musicians like me.  I will definitely be spreading the good word about your great work Dennis!!!!

Take care, and thanks again for everything,

Dave Keller

Montpelier, VT

Warren Schrick 01/09/2009

Warren Schrick wrote:


Yes, the Guitar arrived unscathed, and I must admit I was anxious to open the box and see and hear your expertise on my old Guitar. Visually it appeared beautiful, even the “ding” that you repaired. Now to the acid test. How does it sound? Well, to my ears it has a very clean clear projection of tone. There is no buzzing damping or muffling of the strings, it makes my other guitar sound dull in comparison. The basses and trebel strings are heard as individual tones and not blurred together (think Greg. Smallman). Now I don’t think I have a domestic Herman Hauser, but I have never played a Hauser, nor do I expect to. They probably will not allow me to take it out of the Segovia collection. (Just kidding). I am very pleased with the results, and anyone considering having a re-fretting on a vintage or handmade classical , FEAR NOT . In Dennis’s hands you will be overjoyed with the results.

History — Consider, if you will, owning a Guitar for 50 years and never having it sound right, even to the point of considering it unplayable. Bringing it to my local Guitar repair person (not a Luthier) , and have him say that maybe it was supposed to play” hard “. That was something I could not accept. Looking at the frets with a magnifing loupe I discovered that the frets were flat on top and very low. A” EUREKA” moment. I discussed it with my local Guitar repair guy – he said and I quote “I am not qualified to replace frets, and will probably destroy the fingerboard if I try”. I had the good fortune to find Dennis and Blue frets on the internet, The rest is as they say ” history”, in my case very good history.

Now I can continue my Classical Guitar instruction , and be assured that if it sounds bad, it is me, not the Guitar.

Thank you,

Warren (

(You can see Warren’s guitar being worked on in the “Images” section.)

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Ryan Caldwell (Virginia) 09/04/08


Wow!  That is really all I can say.  You my friend have a gift!  My Les Paul plays so effortlessly that if it played any easier it would almost have to play itself!  This is unreal!  I have never had a guitar that plays with such ease and finesse as my Les Paul does now.  After you worked your magic, it now has perfect tone, amazing action, and not one bit of buzzing.  This is literally everything i asked for and more.  Thank you Dennis.  You my friend are the man!


Thank You and Kind Regards,

Ryan Caldwell

Alton Lathrop (New Hampshire) 06/12/08

I’ve never had a guitar that plays this well! I could only plug her in for a short while during lunchtime at work. When I opened the case, the neckjoint had shifted a bit so that the high E was almost off the fretboard. This is common with the 70′s 3-bolt neckjoint, I’m told. Couple that with FedEx and its bound to happen. I guess this design is generally frowned upon in the guitar world, but I don’t mind it. My boss has a ’74 Strat and has a business card keeping his neck from doing this. I adjusted it a bit, tuned her up, and and instantly she played amazing! Then the afternoon went by REAL slow.

When I got home I cranked her through the Marshall. Wow! This is now the smoothest, fastest guitar I’ve ever owned. Once I got really warmed up, I could play things I normally stumble on. The notes are so much cleaner, clearer, and sustaining. Which makes me play a lot better. Our bass player (also my roommate, also a guitarist) played her for a while and agrees. I haven’t had a chance to work the tremolo much yet. I was so eager to plug her in that I never took the bar out of the case. She played so well that I just kept playing and got lost in jamming, then realized I’d forgotten to even put it on, when it was dinnertime. And I had to stop.

Now it’s getting late and I’m going to plug her into the Silvertone I scored at the flea market last summer. It’s a little 5-watt mid 60′s tube combo. One of my fave pieces of gear. It’s going to be a late night.

Many Many Many Thanks,

Ryan Caldwell (Virginia) 03/14/08

I got the guitar off the fedex truck a little while ago and after opening it up and looking it over I  was VERY impressed! You did an AMAZING job! My Strat plays and even sounds better than it ever has in the past 10 years I have owned it! Within 10 minutes of playing it I had the volume wide open and was feeling like Jimi Hendrix lol! I just wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU for the meticulous job you have done!

Thank you and Kind Regards,
Ryan Caldwell

p.s. I have all the parts acquired for my kit guitar. If you have a spot open Id like to send it out to you in the near future and have you assemble and set it up for me. I’ll email later with details so you can give me a price if you’d like to take on the job. Thank you again!

ALESSANDRO PANZANI (Florence Italy) 01/02/08

I came from Italy to spend the Christmas holidays with my family (my wife is from Vermont, I’m Italian), and I brought one of my babys (a Warmoth  Fedner Strat) that was totally a mess.  The set-up was bad, my single coils were noisy in some positions, the most important thing -  I couldn’t find out why this guitar was going out of tune every time I bend strings or used the whammy bar even for just one time.  So by a lucky combination I found on the web (internet, such an amazing thing…) and just because it was close to where we were. I thought:  why don’t I try!   Well….here is the results:  first of all, I have met a friend, Dennis is a great guy and most important thing he tells you ONLY what’s wrong on your guitar, nothing more than that.  He does NOT charge you for “non existing problems” like others can do.  He’s really honest.  After I got back home, I tried my best to “untune” my guitar with crazy bendings and insane and ridiculous usage of my whammy bar…..and I totally failed..  IT WAS STILL IN TUNE!!  This guitar now stays so perfectly in tune that is hard to be believed!!  The action is the far best I’ve ever had in many years, I don’t even remember if I ever had an action like this! And the hum noise?  G-O-N-E.  I’ve been studying and playing the guitar for 33 years, got one graduation in LA and one in Italy (Florence), but I’m a lazy Italian guy who thought that a very precise guitar set up was not the most important thing in the world.  W-R-O-N-G!!!!!!  It makes the difference between hell and HEAVEN! THANK YOU DENNIS!!  I  DIDN’T KNOW THAT I HAD TO FLY ACROSS THE ATLANTIC OCEAN TO GET THE PERFECT GUITAR SET UP!!!  I’ll SEE YOU SOON WITH SOME OF MY OTHER BABIES!  You guys out there….trust this man.  You won’t be disappointed, you will be amazed.  Thank you again Dennis, the guitar is just perfect as I was saying before – I’ll see you again next year.

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Carl Yalicki – 9/7/07

“Dennis is a great guy and does excellent work.  He’s done a number of things for me including set-ups, pickup installations, wiring, fret leveling, crowning and polishing, repairing a gouge in the neck, and a repair of a vintage Eko guitar.  The Eko was nearly unplayable.  Dennis worked his magic and it is now a nicely set-up, great sounding, fun playing guitar – especially considering what it was like when I got it.  I had him set-up and go over an older USA Strat that I own and it came back playing and sounding like I’d never known it could!  This was a guitar I’d had for several years and it still blows me away when I play it.  He also did a set-up on a recently manufactured Tele that I own, and again it amazed me how much the guitar was improved by his work.  My attitude has always been “…take your time, no hurry”, but his turn-around was always much quicker than I expected.  I wish that eventually I could have him check out and set up every guitar I own.  To be honest, I didn’t know what I was missing.  He took my all-around player Tele, set-it up, a little fret work here and there and now I’ve fallen in love with it all over again.  He’s honest, and his prices are incredibly fair- particularly given the quality of his work.  I know all about crappy work, Dennis is NOT that kind of guy.  I would let him do anything he wanted to on any of my guitars.  He’s never done a refret on my guitars, but I’ve seen his work, the  before and after.  I was kind of in awe as it seemed to be painstakingly done to me.  In short, I’d recommend the guy hands down.”

Alan Belcher – 5/10/07

“Dennis, Just wanted to let you know that the Howard Roberts guitar is a joy to play.  I played it for a week or so every day, just to get used to it, then put it away for a couple of weeks and played another hollow body.  Went back to the HR last night and it sounds and plays as smooth as silk, and the neck feels like new.  Thanks for the extra effort.”

Mike Capps

“It plays perfect right out of the box.  The set-up took a minute to get used to, but now I’m enjoying the feel of the guitar very much.  I’ve got a couple more guitars that need fret work.  When I get the money, I’ll get back in touch.”

Bill Carruth – (Trey Anastasio’s amp tech & mine too)

“It doesn’t get any better than this.”



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Seymour Kaplan

“Dennis is a perfectionist.  I would not have entrusted my $3000 Sukop 5 String to anyone else.  He performed a magnificent job on my frets and fingerboard.  So good that it now plays and feels better than new.  In Dennis We Trust!”

Seymour Kaplan

John Reinarts

“I have been playing and collecting guitars ever since the 60s. During that time, I have had many occasions to rely on Dennis to service some of my most prized axes. As a part time working musician I can attest not only to the quality workmanship that Dennis provides, but also as a working musician himself, he will always go the extra mile to ensure that when you get your guitar back it will meet or exceed all your musical requirements. His attention to detail is outstanding and his service bears my highest recommendation.”

John Reinarts