Complete Professional Guitar Refretting from $175.00!

Warren Schrick wrote:


Yes, the Guitar arrived unscathed, and I must admit I was anxious to open the box and see and hear your expertise on my old Guitar. Visually it appeared beautiful, even the “ding” that you repaired. Now to the acid test. How does it sound? Well, to my ears it has a very clean clear projection of tone. There is no buzzing damping or muffling of the strings, it makes my other guitar sound dull in comparison. The basses and trebel strings are heard as individual tones and not blurred together (think Greg. Smallman). Now I don’t think I have a domestic Herman Hauser, but I have never played a Hauser, nor do I expect to. They probably will not allow me to take it out of the Segovia collection. (Just kidding). I am very pleased with the results, and anyone considering having a re-fretting on a vintage or handmade classical , FEAR NOT . In Dennis’s hands you will be overjoyed with the results.

History — Consider, if you will, owning a Guitar for 50 years and never having it sound right, even to the point of considering it unplayable. Bringing it to my local Guitar repair person (not a Luthier) , and have him say that maybe it was supposed to play” hard “. That was something I could not accept. Looking at the frets with a magnifing loupe I discovered that the frets were flat on top and very low. A” EUREKA” moment. I discussed it with my local Guitar repair guy – he said and I quote “I am not qualified to replace frets, and will probably destroy the fingerboard if I try”. I had the good fortune to find Dennis and Blue frets on the internet, The rest is as they say ” history”, in my case very good history.

Now I can continue my Classical Guitar instruction , and be assured that if it sounds bad, it is me, not the Guitar.

Thank you,

Warren (

(You can see Warren’s guitar being worked on in the “Images” section.)

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